My Story


I started with dōTERRA as a customer in September 2016. I purchased two kits initially, the Family Essentials Kit and the Emotional Aromatherapy System Kit. Being a newbie to the essential oil world, I was very skeptical about how these natural products would be able to help me with day to day health challenges. At this time, I had listened to my friend, speak about essential oils and how they could help support my body in a way that encourages overall wellness. Since I was initially looking for a natural product to help me with anxious feelings, I decided to try the lavender essential oil to help me relax and calm my emotions. My mindset was “If it works great, if not I tried”. After using the lavender essential oil, I immediately fell in love. I gradually began using other dōTERRA essentials oils learning application methods and how to make blends for diffusing and topical use.

After attending dōTERRA’s annual convention in 2017 and 2018, I was taken back at not only the products, but the entire vision of this organization. From responsibly sourcing their products through Cō-Impact Sourcing to other initiatives such as the Healing Hands Foundation, I then decided “I was in 100%”.

Will you give these amazing Gifts of the Earth a chance? Will you step out on faith as I and so many others have to see for yourself “What these little brown bottles can do?”

If so, reach out and partner with me to help yourself, your family and your friends…

I am here to educate and guide individuals through this journey of discovering the true freedom and power of managing your health… One Drop at a Time.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to reduce anxious feelings?

Are you ready to increase your energy?

Are you ready to learn how to support your system naturally?

Are you ready to improve your overall quality of health?

Are you in 100%?



Owner of Serenity Wellness with KP

Katherine Pipkin